KB88凯时官网, we are dedicated to making your online education experience as smooth as possible, 这样你才能充分发挥你的潜力. We fully appreciate and understand your commitment to education lies alongside work, 家庭和其他优先事项. That’s why at the KB88凯时官网 we have a number of support services to help you through this exciting journey.



Your tutor will be focused on supporting you with any questions or clarifications you have on the module they have taught you, KB88凯时官网的明确目标是帮助你实现你的学术潜力. Support will also cover preparing for assessments and responding to feedback or any other matter that may be affecting your studies.


KB88凯时官网的 Student Support Advisors are here to answer all those questions not directly related to your teaching delivery. KB88凯时官网的 staff are skilled at responding to your questions in a timely manner on topics ranging from assessment deadlines, 如何获得延期或如何提交评估. If they are unable to answer your query, they will be able to signpost you to someone who can!

KB88凯时官网的在线学习平台很棒. The platform lays out all the information simply and I find it useful that each week 结构s the learning into bitesize chunks.

在每个周末,还有一个学习总结部分. I have found that beneficial to look back to and see what key points were covered that I can use for my assignment





All the library resources you need to succeed in your education can be accessed through our digital library, 可从任何地点在任何时间.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a highly personalised library support service, KB88凯时官网的在线学生可以通过各种渠道访问哪些网站, 包括全天候网络聊天, 电子邮件和联系图书管理员通过微软团队一对一的支持.

如果你对数字图书馆不熟悉, we have a collection of online guides that will support you to make the best use of this resource for your learning and research. Start with your reading lists for relevant library resources and get in touch if you need help. 你可以在你的网站上找到更多细节 联络图书管理员和在线主题指南在这里.


距离你上一篇学术文章可能有一段时间了, 或者这对你来说可能是一项全新的技能. 不要惊慌! You can find guidance on 研究 Zone Digital on a number of study-related areas, including:

  • 阅读和做笔记的策略
  • 学习和时间管理
  • 批判性分析
  • 数字的技能
  • 演讲技巧
  • 学术写作过程
  • 复习和考试策略

你也可以在线参加 学习技巧插班 或者在网上预约一个时段 数字技能外科 关于这些学习技巧主题的进一步指导和建议.

In addition to these services, the KB88凯时官网 has worked in partnership with the Studiosity团队 为学生提供全年365天全天候在线学习支持. 通过避署进入, 这允许您上传最多5个工作片段或作业草稿,500个单词,快速但有用的拼写反馈, 语法, 结构, 语言和引用的选择. 学生每年可提交10份意见书,每年9月更新.


KB88凯时官网, we are passionate about supporting our students to have good physical and mental health so that they can have the best possible academic and student experience. KB88凯时官网健康服务 支持由三个主要途径组成:

  • 心理治疗途径
  • 心理健康途径
  • AccessAbility通路

We are committed to providing a learning environment which gives all of our students the support they need to thrive. KB88凯时官网支持有长期残疾的学生, 包括慢性疾病, 身体和感觉障碍, 学习差异与自闭症谱系障碍患者(ASC).


KB88凯时官网有时理解这一点, it can be difficult juggling education alongside other commitments including home and work. If your mental or physical health is having an effect on your ability to study, 或者你的学习造成了健康问题, KB88凯时官网有经验的 教育福利顾问 are available to talk to and support you in a confidential and non-judgmental manner.


Your education journey is likely to have been driven by your passion to steer or advance your career in a particular direction or through your love of learning. 无论哪种方式, we are here to support you find the path that builds on your qualifications and professional experience. 同时通过课程培养就业技能, you will be able to access a range of resources supported by a fully qualified 职业专区团队 提供:

  • 一个实时聊天功能,团队成员可以回应你的询问
  • 创建有效的简历,求职信和申请表格
  • 职位空缺,招聘会,雇主和校友介绍
  • 职业生涯 guidance appointments and skills workshops that will help with career planning, 求职和为工作选择过程做准备


当你在网上和KB88凯时官网一起学习时,你也会有同样的机会 它支持 作为KB88凯时官网的在校学生. 这包括:

  • KB88凯时官网的电子邮件地址
  • OneDrive云存储
  • 专家IT服务台访问支持和密码重置

在你支付或提供贷款证明并注册课程后, 您将为您的个人IT帐户创建一个用户名和密码. 您将使用它通过避署访问您的课程, 还有你的大学邮箱, 你所有与课程相关的电子邮件将被发送到哪里. 


The 资讯科技服务台 can assist with challenges accessing university accounts and online areas or downloading software that we offer. 它们可以通过登录到 IT服务台门户网站,或致电+44 (0)1392 72 5050. 营业时间为格林尼治标准时间上午8点至下午6点.

Any hardware and some software technical issues you may encounter will be caused by your equipment or external network, 也就是说要联系你的供应商或制造商.