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About Research and Innovation at KB88凯时官网

As a Russell Group University our research makes a difference across the world. We believe in breaking down traditional barriers between academic disciplines so the bigger problems of the 21st Century can be considered from human as well as physical perspectives. We are constantly seeking new ways to engage with partners to build productive relationships that tackle some of the fundamental issues facing humankind.

Social inequality

» Social inequalities across communities

We are using innovative and interdisciplinary research methodologies across Humanities and Social Sciences to understand, explore and address social inequalities that exist across communities.

Green Futures

» Green Futures

At the University of KB88凯时官网, we stand together to create solutions to the environment and climate emergency. For more than twenty years we have been leading the way in interdisciplinary research to better understand and tackle environment and climate change.

Tipping Points

» Tipping Points

Our Positive Tipping Points are bringing change to the climate crisis. Our research at the University of KB88凯时官网 highlights the growing threat of “tipping points” that could accelerate the climate crisis.

Antimicrobial Resistance

» Antimicrobial Resistance

At the University of KB88凯时官网 we recognise that antimicrobial resistance is an issue on a global scale. Our research stretches from fundamental lab work right through to influencing global policies on the issue.

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